AIA 150 Champions and contributors

AIA Illinois

Mike Jackson, FAIA Champion
Anna Margaret Borntrager, Assoc. AIA
Darius Bryjka, Assoc. AIA
Carol Dyson, AIA
Anthony Rubano, Assoc. AIA

AIA Central Illinois

Robert Selby, FAIA Champion
Carolyn Andrews
Chris Enck
Katherine Lipes
Kristen Rezny
Tim Scovic

AIA Chicago

Dave Urschel, AIA Champion

Site Selection Committee:

Geoffrey Baer
Susan Benjamin
Zurich Esposito - AIA Chicago
Eleanor Esser Gorski, AIA - City of Chicago Dept. Planning and Development, Landmarks Division
Gunny Harboe, AIA
Vincent Michael - School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Christina Morris - National Trust for Historic Preservation
Joan Pomaranc - AIA Chicago
Alice Sinkevitch, Hon. AIA - AIA Chicago
Peter Schlossman, AIA
Eiliesh Tuffy - Landmarks Illinois
David Urschel, AIA

Text and Photos:

Alice Sinkevitch. Hon. AIA
Peter Schlossman, AIA
Beverley Urschel
Wesley Urschel, Assoc. AIA
David Urschel, AIA

AIA Northeastern Illinois

John Dzarnowski, AIA Champion
Corda Murphy
Steven Mihelich, AIA
Michael Elliott, AIA
William Sindelar, AIA
Steven Rhodes, AIA
Angela Vasandani, AIA
Karl Heitman, AIA
Leanne Meyer-Smith, AIA
R. Thomas Jaeger, AIA
Robert van het Hof, Associate AIA
Terence A. Moeller, AIA
Ed Matz
Adrianne Gregory

AIA Eastern Illinois

Grant W. Currier, AIA Champion
Steve Reardon, AIA

AIA Northern Illinois

Scott Long, AIA Champion

AIA Southern Illinois

Sheila Baysinger, AIA Champion
Brad Klein, AIA
Jeff Mellander, President
Derek Niedringhaus - design
Function 49 - programming